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Finding Inner Peace

Hey there!
My name is Stephanie Mueller 
Most know me by Pavitra or Pavi

Here’s my personal & professional journey…

I have suffered from depression, an eating disorder, panic attacks, overwhelm, procrastination,
feeling lost and hating my own skin.

Today I feel at peace (no matter how busy I get), my mind is quiet, I feel whole and alive. If I ever encounter challenging layers, I have the tools to get myself through them.

 Finding inner peace is paramount.

Since 2007, through high school, university & my corporate career, following my yearning for balance, healing and answers, I dived into 1000s of hours of therapies, silent retreats, & conscious dance workshops, facilitated by highly trained therapists and Non-Dual teachers, between Scotland, Brazil, the US and India. Plus 100s of hours over the last 3 years helping professional women out of overwhelm to a balanced joy-filled life. I continue to do this delivering Pulse to individuals, groups & schools across the globe.

I started my corporate career in Sociocracy / Dynamic Governance, working for Dynamic Governance consultants & holding workshops and training across the globe. During this time I was focused on supporting groups and companies to build structures and systems that included a balance between hierarchy and horizontal decision making. When these elements were in balance, groups & companies prospered.

Through self-doubt, fears, and hitting rock bottoms I found & continuously find the sweet spot of not tumbling into overwhelm and thriving on the richness of doing business aligned with what I know within.
The magic of finding this sweet spot is one, my clients now enjoy too.

No matter what anyone tells you, once you have found your inner freedom, life flows and so does business. Finding inner peace is key.

And a free and happy human being generates more goodness and money in the world,
which in turn positively impacts others. This is where change begins.


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professional background

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About Pulse, the Process, the Philosophy, and how it Impacts You

Pulse is fresh

It was born after 12 years of finding my own answers and healing, and is continuously fine tuning as I uplevel through 15 years of deep inner work. So there’s absolutely nothing like it in the market

Pulse is also difficult to put into words. Even my clients seem to have different ways of expressing it

The old “self-help” tools don’t suit us any longer


If they did, you probably wouldn’t even be on this website because
you would be content and satisfied with the tools available

If you are here,
that’s because a deep impulse propelled you to search for better tools!


What is lacking in most tools available is how to deeply feel


For example, you might have done yoga, mindfulness, life coaching, mindset work, psychology, psychiatry, NLP, EFT Tapping… and yet… old beliefs plague you and you still fall into old habits of procrastination, self doubt, anxiety, stress, etc.

Why is that?


What’s driving you to create those thoughts,
and what is driving your actions is stored in your body

What is stored in your body speaks
the language of feeling

Not the language of talking, tapping, pills, or thinking


It’s that simple. But it’s not easy


Pulse teaches you how to feel
& meet your feelings and sensations.
Once you embody that, 
your nervous system settles,
and your mind calms down

Pulse teaches you how to listen
to deeper needs you weren’t even aware of
and how to address those needs. 
This will bring you a deep sense of ease

Pulse teaches you how to create
a flexible routine
that makes sense to you and prioritizes
your mental, emotional and physical health. 
This is called self-connection time or self-hygiene.
This will ensure that
your stress and anxiety never return,
and that you never get anywhere near burnout


Remember: stress, anxiety and burnout (like any other psychological challenge) are 🚩🚩🚩 that you are disconnected from yourself!


You will find yourself in need of some good ol’ boundary setting

But not the kind of boundary setting that someone told you “is the right thing to do”. 
It’s one that’s born out of your innate intelligence


When you add all of that together, can you guess what happens to your mind?


It becomes spacious, peaceful and clear

Which means you naturally manage your responsibilities and time better, and become
a lot more efficient and productive at what you love

You probably tried productivity hacks, and none of them worked for the long term, right?


Those qualities and characteristics are already within you, all we need is to de-clutter the space so you can tap into them

This process will help you feel grounded

& at home, your innate intelligence will be activated..

 Which means you have clarity of what feels right
for you and your decisions and actions easily flow

Woman with Laptop Completed Checklist

Pulse is like the groundwork
of how to be a human being

The ABCs of what the heck to do with our thoughts and feelings and how to live in
your body in a way that works for YOU

Pulse won’t solve everything
No tool does! 
It’s not like your life will be free of challenges and it all becomes unicorn and roses. Life will continue to bring its lessons, yet you will have the necessary vital groundwork so you can deeply listen to yourself and navigate life’s challenges fully resources, without sinking into overwhelm or stress!

I want you to
feel confident in yourself

That naturally happens when you feel at ease in your own skin, tap into your own clarity, so you can then live life in a way that feels good, and accomplish your dreams

Finding inner peace is key


What is the Pulse Container like?

If you join me in Pulse One, the journey to integrate the tools and make the 360 shift you search for takes 12-24 sessions. We begin with 3 sessions per month, then intuitively we’ll taper it down to 2 sessions per month, then 1 session per month. In the beginning of our journey, the consistency of 3 sessions per month is needed for you to get into the rhythm of Pulse. Although each journey is really unique, the minimum requirement is 4 months of working together. If you then feel you need a few more sessions we’ll create a new package to work within. Usually clients stay with me for 4-12months.

If you chose to join me in Pulse Together, the journey will last 4 months, with 3 Pulse sessions per month, plus guest teachers on the 4th week of the month.

In Pulse for Clients or Pulse for Teams the journey is 100% customised to the group and will be created upon conversation with the conscious leader or business coach.

How do I know if Pulse is for me?

We will only know if Pulse is a right fit for you once we have had our discovery call.


– if you have any of these symptoms:
overwhelm, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, procrastination, self-doubt

– have a very good understanding of these symptoms, you feel like you have already worked through them but they still show up

– if you have already sought support through:
Coaches, Mindset work, psychologists / therapists / counsellors, yoga, meditation, etc.

and you STILL haven’t been able to shift out of those outdated patterns, let alone truly enjoy a balanced joy-filled life, empowered by your own innate intelligence, living and working with a clear peaceful mind..

Then Pulse is very likely to help you in this moment.

How is Pulse different to counselling or coaching?

It’s main difference is:


If the other tools worked, you would not be seeking support with Pulse.

That in itself says a lot.

In a more tangible way, Pulse helps you consciously access your body, and all the feelings that are stored in it to help you make your shift. Most other therapeutic or coaching services either only remain at the rational level (which is only the tip of the iceberg), or they might use some EFT tapping or even breathwork – but don’t actually teach you how to remain grounded and embodied, let alone create a daily life structure that respects your needs first and foremost.

Pulse is a whole structured approach to make your shift. I’ll take you by your hand and walk you through every step of the way, with crystal clarity and tangible steps.

You are never left guessing whether it’s “working” or not. You always know.

What are the Pulse Sessions like?

Sessions last 90minutes so there’s enough room for conversation and intellectual understanding; coupled with enough time for dropping into your body. We begin with a short guided meditation to tune in, followed by a conversation so we can both gain clarity around where the individual/group is at. We will then deepen the journey using embodiment tools. Once we have cycled through the embodiment deepening we will have a short conversation to integrate what you have learnt, and what your homework will be until we meet again.

Often times you will find yourself tapping into deep feelings and maybe a few tears will row down. That’s completely natural and part of the process.

What is the time commitment?

I understand you might already have a lot on your plate.

Pulse will NOT feel like “yet another thing on your to-do list”.

Quite the opposite, my clients feel more spaciousness, clear and grounded due to our sessions and the programme.

That being said, sessions last 90minutes. Then I will give you homework to practice in between the sessions which usually consists of creating or integrating your Self Connection time. That can take anywhere from 5minutes to 1h per day. It really depends on what your needs are and what you feel like creating for yourself.

It is essential that you are ready to commit to this program so you can make your transformation and solidify it so your own patterns no longer come knocking on your door

What is Embodiment?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Embodiment means “the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form” and “a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling”.

Our focus using embodiment tools is to support you to feel what is in your body, and then give it a “body” or “visible form” by expressing it through your eyes, your voice, your body as a whole, or through breathe.

It’s all about creating a mind body connection so you can tap into your reservoir of intelligence that lies beneath your rational understanding.

There are a plethora of embodiment tools out theres. Some are quite effective. Others not so much. Finding the right facilitator with extensive experience is key.

Which Embodiment Tools do you use?

The main embodiment tools that have and continue to influence my personal journey, which are the ones I intertwine in sessions are Reichian breathing, Open Floor conscious movement tools, and the Advaita Non-Dual approach

Why should I join Pulse instead of just doing some meditation, trying productivity hacks, or seeing a coach?

Stress, overwhelm, anxiety and becoming more efficient take more than just a session here or there, or trying the latest productivity hack trend, to really shift out of.

If you believe those tools will give you the shift into a balanced joy-filled life, I invite you to test them for one month and see whether you feel more empowered, clear, are working efficiently and feeling the depth of freedom you search for.

If you don’t, then there’s no need to repeat that formula any further because you won’t get any different results, and my suggestion is to come and do Pulse.

Pulse is an entire program that addresses every area of your overwhelm and stress, so you can fully transition out of it. So you will find all the pieces of the puzzle within Pulse as opposed to figuring it out yourself.

I spent years, thousands of hours, and made huge investments to figure it out myself. Now I live at peace in my daily life, am clear minded and productive. And I’m here now condensing everything that worked for me into a programme for you, so you don’t have to go hunting for answers.

Honestly, I know many psychologists and life/mindset coaches who live in an overwhelmed state themselves. Maybe they can help you with other things, but not with these particular symptoms that Pulse does. It takes someone who has walked that path, and knows it inch by inch to be able to guide another.

For example, if you were depressed, would you higher a psychologist who is depressed, and doesnt know how to ditch their depression to help you ditch yours? Or would you higher someone who has ditched their depression already?

That’s some food for thought for you!

I am ready to join! What are my next steps?

Either contact me in the contact form below, or go to any of the Pulse programme pages you are interested in, click the button on that page, and fill out the form that comes up. I will then contact you to book our free discovery call so we can get to know each other.

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