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Being More Productive with Pulse

 As a small business owner it is of vital importance that your team are being more productive and cultivating work-life balance so they and the business can thrive!

You know that if their work and life balance is not in alignment – their productivity

reflects that! 

The reality is your team are stressed and overwhelmed:

You can feel when someone is scattered and nervous – their words are all over the place, they play the defensive mode and aren’t open for feedback

They deliver poorly done tasks because they lack creativity, initiative and confidence 🤷🏽‍♀️. Even if you have spelled out what needs to be done, they feel like they need more direction but lack the ability to ask for support

Small mistakes begin to emerge, like a repetitive email or incomplete work!

Your team need the practical tools and know-how to manage their stress & overwhelm so they can thrive in their professional AND personal lives!

You care about them being more productive AND their well being

You know there’s no separation between work and life. So if they aren’t well in life that reverberates at work and vice versa.


When overwhelm and stress are out of the way, your team will step into their responsibilities and action items with greater clarity, stronger motivation and a self-starter attitude.

Leaving you more time to do what you do best:
envision, lead, and create. YES !!!

Because… Let’s get real here…

Are you aware of how much time, money AND energy it costs YOU as a business owner, and as a fellow human being, when your team are feeling overwhelmed?

We all wake up with a given amount of energy credits in a day, and you get to choose how to allocate them. But then when you’re having to constantly resolve challenges, have uncomfortable conversations, change your plans, book in extra meetings… This all generates tension and stress consuming your energy
and patience.

Which means goodbye high performance – for you and your team!

So your business begins to suffer…

When your business begins to suffer, you might even begin to drift away from the dream that led you to create your business in the first place… 

 Do you feel like you’re 100% living
that dream?

Affecting change

Helping others enjoy success and happiness

Feeling of personal satisfaction knowing that you can do this

Connected to the day-to-day enjoyment of working with  awesome, self-aware and grateful clients

Enjoying the financial rewards that mean you can maintain your envisioned lifestyle; financial freedom, frequent travel, enjoying great food, plenty of time for personal self growth and fun

Owning your own time

Alright you can see how your teams’ inability to thrive impacts your business AND yourself right?!

It’s my dream to support your team to transition into becoming…

Independent problem solvers!

Self aware and able to manage their health and mental wellbeing, ensuring they are then more focused and efficient with higher self esteem and self confidence

Skilled at navigating their own feelings so their accountability and honesty sky rockets, which in turn strengthens their communication skills and productivity

Oh my, imagine what it would feel like having a team like this..
Actually IMAGINE it!

This would mean…  YOU are FREE to live your business owner dream!

You would have extra time to enjoy life, spend time with friends and family,
and excel at creating and leading 

 We’ll take this extra unnecessary weight off your shoulders so YOU CAN THRIVE!

Hear from a thriving business owner living her dream:

Kylie Butler

From busy overwhelmed Team Leader, Business Coach, & personal life to…

No more overwhelm! Only exciting work,
opportunities and collaborations

Here’s a little about how Pulse supports
your team

Pulse is an experiential multi-modality mind-body process teaching your team how to ditch overwhelm and burnout for good

It’s a lot to do with embodiment: sessions include Reichian breathwork &
Open Floor conscious dance tools

They will learn how to meet and move beyond what’s actually driving their procrastination, fueling their overwhelm and inability to step up their game

It’s about becoming masterful at boundaries, truly prioritising mental health AND being more productive – Learning how to ditch those overthinking spirals that cloud their mind

How Pulse Works

Your team’s innate intelligence + Right mind-body tools =
You team and business THRIVING!

Reichian Breathwork

Meeting feelings & sensations with softness & kindness. Finding a state of ease

Silence & Meditation

The art of allowing yourself to fully be. Dropping out of the mind, fear and control. Your ground of being

Conscious Dance

Learn how to move with and through your stuck patterns. Ground into your innate rhythm and flow

 The Pulse programme includes

Video & Audio Library

Packed with personalised guided meditation, guided breath work, and unique Open Floor movement resources to support them in exploring their body and feelings

Guest expert trainings

Access guest trainings on other embodiment practises, and body-related topics to widen their tools in finding inner balance

Monthly bonus embodiment group sessions

Are they ready to go that extra mile? These monthly sessions are all about being in the body and minimal talking. These sessions will take them to their personal heaven on earth!!

Group sessions and/or 1:1 support

Depending on what works better within the structure and style of your business and team

Pulse is here to take the extra load off your back

How pulse works with you

Because each business & business owner is unique I adapt Pulse to the needs of the context we’re in. There is no one size fits all!

I invite you to book a call and engage in a down-to-earth conversation with me of how Pulse can best support your team within your business.

    In case you haven’t met me or don’t know me well enough..

    Here’s a bit about my story and how Pulse began!

    Hi!, I’m Pavitra
    Founder of Pulse. BA (Anthropology) University of British Columbia
    Pulse has been successfully running for over 2 years, ushering entrepreneurs into a new stress and overwhelm-free era. Now that Pulse has been fully implemented and tested, it allows me space to join forces with other professionals so we can support a new generation of powerhouses to create their slice of goodness in the world.

    Before creating Pulse, I was a Sociocracy consultant offering in-person and online workshops and consulting to schools, companies and groups. In parallel I invested thousands of hours and $$$ on studying with a Reichian Psychologist, daily meditation, meditation retreats, yoga and conscious movement (Open Floor and 5 Rhythms mostly) 1:1’s, group classes and workshops. All of this led me to successfully heal from my depression and bulimia, and gain incredible experience in facilitating groups and companies.

    Yet overwhelm was still a factor. It always returned sooner or later, regardless if my external life was busy or not. Until I understood that overwhelm is caused by my inability to truly meet my thoughts and feelings, and learn how to co-exist with them… That’s when overwhelm left for good and Pulse was born. Living and working overwhelm free is so damn good!

    Here are some amazing testimonials
    of the value of my work

    Kylie Butler

    Conscious Leader and Small Business Owner “Impactful work cannot be achieved from overwhelmed, stuckness and burnout”

    Kylie KNOWS that only a clear, focused, and connected team can create a productive and successful impact in the world

    Michele Silveira

    From workaholic-bending-over-backwards at work to being more efficient in less time

    Michele is a Marketing Professional & Project Leader for a start-up in Brazil, who learnt how to trust in her innate intelligence and now makes decisions with ease whilst leading a balanced life 

    Heather Poulson

    Heather tripled the amount she makes per hour and it’s easier and more joyful!

    A Registered Professional Forester who went from procrastination, dissatisfaction and low self-confidence at work to better time management, more efficiency, and a flourishing new business

    “Before working with Pavi and Pulse I felt bored at my job, would procrastinate, and constantly do things that were distracting me from getting work outputs done.

    Consequently I would feel inadequate, dissatisfied, depressed, with low self confidence and constantly feeling like I had to catch up in my work products.

    Working through Pulse has completely transformed my work life, home life and how I feel in a daily basis. For that i’m eternally grateful!

    When I work now, I am much more efficient, with better time management, and have allowed my new business to flourish to the point of signing on a client that is triple the amount I used to make per hour. I have a better sense of self worth, and it’s much easier and more joyful to work and live my life.

    When I do have internal challenges that arise, I now have the tools to work through them! For ex: When I feel like procrastinating, I use the Pulse tools that help me through the feelings of procrastination so I can get back to work.

    Thank you Pavi and Pulse! I feel so much more free in my body to just live my life and work!” Heather Poulson

    I look forward to hearing from you and
    upleveling your team together,


    If you yourself are feeling overwhelmed and stressed then I invite you to familiarise yourself with Pulse One. In addition, if you are connected with coaches who have overwhelmed clients with an outdated mindset, I suggest sharing this page with your coach friends