So, you’re an entrepreneur currently feeling overwhelmed with life, right?!

You will find your answers here.. keep on reading!

Does this sound like you?

Running your business and serving clients whilst reaching your financial goals is more stressful than you imagined

Days or weeks when you work your 🍑 off, and other days or weeks when you achieve barely a thing – Yet you desire greater flow and balance to nurture yourself and your business

So you become so impatient and frustrated that you freeze into procrastination mode…

Fear of scarcity, and of others’ judgements paralyse you

“Feeling overwhelmed with life” is beginning to feel like an understatement 🤯🤦🏽‍♀️

The cost of living in that reality is your financial independence with a stress-free life!

Are you trying to keep your head above water, and get things done, while also learning a new business world, whilst one day blurs into the next interspersed with small moments of expansion… 

You might even have tried “productivity hacks” taught by other programmes.. – but I’m sure, they have only proven to be a short solution at best!

Pulse is the entrepreneur’s solution to overwhelm that your heart has always known existed!!

Woman with Laptop Completed Checklist

Through the Pulse programs you’ll learn how to meet the feelings and beliefs that weigh you down, whilst tapping into your innate intelligence

Here you will discover the true meaning of “hacks”
as you work seamlessly without stress: 

Pulse is all about
working with ease AND being efficient!

You’ll possess a laser-focused clear mind where decision making comes easily. Working smarter not harder with enough time for yourself and your business. Lightness and tranquility in your daily life as you accomplish your goals

Does this sound like your best self?

Are you ready to let go of feeling overwhelmed with life?

For the lone-wolf type

PULSE ONE will ditch your overwhelm to the far away galaxies. 12 x 90min bespoke 1:1 sessions to re-wire your beliefs and decode your feelings helping you craft your version of a balanced joy-filled life. The spotlight is yours to be a joyful steward of your life, body, creative projects, relationships and finances

If you thrive in community

PULSE TOGETHER is your thang! A 4-month container, masterfully held to keep you moving in a relaxed way. It’s all about the group sessions, in-between Voxer support & ongoing conversations, and guest teachers. Everyone blossoms together! This is particularly great if your entrepreneurial journey has landed you with a little too much solo time

Even as a Life Coach she a tendency to get stitch in her mind. 

After learning how to get our of her mind and release her stuck feelings/sensations, Clee’s productivity sky rocketed!

Clee Stacy

Even after long years of therapy she was frustrated and didn’t believe she could be happy AND make money.

She’s now working less and earning more – in her own words “the formula for success”

Michele Silveira

Learnt how to breathe through her blocks so her work life kept flowing.

Ria is a Fitness Business Coach who is now consistently signing high ticket clients! kjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkk
Ria Zervos

If this page hasn’t hit the sweet spot for you, I suggest familiarising yourself with Pulse for Business Owners / Conscious Leaders and Pulse for Business/Marketing Coaches. You might find your answers there!