How to move from anxious thoughts to a balanced joy-filled life

A FREE masterclass to help you ditch overwhelm and become efficient, productive, and at ease with what you love !

Hey dear,

This one is for YOU overwhelmed professional woman…


Are you tired of that loud anxious mind of yours?


Are you done struggling with procrastination?


Do you wish you could say "overwhelm is SO last century?"

I see you. I feel you. I’ve got you!

Hi, I’m Pavitra – Founder of Pulse

I’ve spent the last 13 years diving into 1000s of hours of therapies, silent retreats, and conscious dance workshops between Scotland, Brazil, the US and India. Plus 100s of hours over the last 2.5 years helping entrepreneurial women just like you go from anxiety, stress and overwhelm to efficient and on top of their game with a balanced joy-filled life.

Before I got totally savvy on balancing my work life whilst earning a
living (cause hello I love what I do !!), I too used to feel overwhelmed
waking up feeling heavy, with a mental haze and pushing myself to make
work happen.
But then I learnt the power of dropping out of my thoughts and
anchoring myself in my body and I FINALLY found the balance between
working smarter – not harder.

It’s about finding our embodied way of living aligned with
our innate intelligence.

I know this stuff works

Which is why…

I’m sharing this Pulse Masterclass Replay
with you!

In this live masterclass replay you’ll learn how to:


Avoid procrastination by starting to procrastinate the RIGHT way!


Ditch that anxiety that never seems to leave you alone and feel lightness and easy


Meet and release the self-doubt thoughts that keep you stuck in a loop and enjoy ease at decision-making


Get super clear on what to do so you can say “buh-bye overwhelm cya never”

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What’s covered in the masterclass replay…


A crystal clear understanding of what's actually going on with your overwhelm - there are more elements than you might imagine


Clear steps on what to do with your anxious panicky thoughts, how to actually respect your boundaries and needs, and how to access your innate intelligence so you can align your real life with your dream version of a balanced joy-filled life


A guided mini session so you have tangible tools to help you find freedom when vou are overwhelmed in your day to day

If you’re done with feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and
ready to let go of your loud busy thoughts then this Pulse Masterclass
is for you…

and it’s totally, 100% FREE!

I can safely say: struggling is SO last century!

It’s a waste of time and money and I certainly don’t want to
see you struggling anymore.

So do us all a favour and…