Pulse Together

The 16 week group mentorship:
If you are an overwhelmed entrepreneur absolutely ready to ditch overwhelm and embrace a life of joy, ease and efficiency, this is for you and awaiting your signup 🔥

Mind-Body Connection

It’s a new groove

As entrepreneurs, we yearn for more financial freedom, time freedom, and to feel alive again!.. But our old work-work-work & do-do-do mentality needs to be re-coded into a balance between being and doing if we are to truly live that freedom. Remember those magical moments when life just seems to click and flow?!

If we don’t change the paradigm we’re no better off than in our prior stressful corporate life!

Ditch those stressful overwhelm vibes

Say 👋 to a balanced joy-filled life

You’re in the right place right now
if you…

Know that becoming an entrepreneur entails really growing as a human being, being your best self in every respect

Are absolutely ready to find enough time for yourself and your business → balance!

Know that performing with focus optimises time, AND making space to relax boosts creativity and happiness

Know that you will grow faster with the support of a group of open-minded fempreneurs

Have already sought professional help, have a deep understanding of yourself, yet still find yourself stuck, questioning whether others see value in your offerings

Seek your own way of making your shifts - no cookie cutter solutions!

You’re intelligent and experienced, and you are coming up with the best programme ever, pouring your whole being into it, but still questioning yourself thinking “will people want it and actually pay for it?”

You’re finding that building your business is as overwhelming as your former job!

Your stress extends into a ‘life’ overwhelm as you fall behind in life: self-care, exercising, eating right. Anxious, stressed, and panicky thoughts creep in… Before long, your mind feels foggy, so you can’t think straight and you tell yourself, “I never have enough time!”.. hello procrastination!

If only you just knew the right tools so you could flow efficiently through work and in life…

To have that freedom to manage your time, serve clients you’re passionate about, whilst forging your own path to honour your unique message. You know the world needs what only you have, if only you could find a way to serve that didn’t bring you so much personal stress

You yearn for some time out without feeling guilty for taking time off, and without constantly needing to “do” something…

You just know that your day could be way more balanced and joyful

There is a better way

You simply need the tools

The big piece you are missing that’s keeping you stuck is…


It’s time for you to meet what’s actually driving your procrastination, frozen-state, and overworking pattern

And allow your innate wisdom to arise so you’re empowered to work smarter not harder and create the life you want

Efficient in your work life AND ENJOYING life. Actually enjoying it. It’s real

If you are nodding your head reading the above, then…

Group of women dancing

Welcome to 

Your creative deep connection women’s group: an experiential movement modality designed to help you establish a
mind-body connection, listen to your body, go beyond your overwhelmed overthinking mind, and live in harmony with
your innate intelligence

Our experience will include… 

A safe, 16-week container with like minded entrepreneurs where there is openness and honesty

Accountability without rigidity, from an entire group of women. A group of arms to help you lift you

A rich environment with different experiences so you can deepen your own journey 

Structured movement sessions and group check-ins 

Being embraced and heard, as you don’t feel as alone or lost in your own journey as you begin to witness others who have similar challenges

In case you haven’t met me or don’t know me well enough..

Here’s a bit about my story and how Pulse began!

Hi!, I'm Pavitra

Hi!, I'm Pavitra

- Founder of Pulse

I’ve spent the last 13 years diving into 1000s of hours of therapies, silent retreats, and conscious dance workshops between Scotland, Brazil, the US and India. Plus 100s of hours over the last 1.5 years helping professional women just like you to go from overwhelm to Efficiency Queen status with
a balanced joy-filled life.

Before I got totally savvy on balancing my work life whilst earning a living (cause hello I love what I do !!), I too used to feel overwhelmed, waking up feeling heavy, with a mental haze and pushing myself to make work happen.

But then I learnt the power of dropping out of my thoughts and anchoring myself in my body and I FINALLY found the balance between working smarter – not harder.

If you would like to know what Pulse lovers have to say..

Marcia Aguiluz

Always feeling busy and tired, “I always have to keep moving” to…

Ditching overwhelm, & understanding that her well being and placing boundaries comes first!

Clee Stacey

As a Life Coach, Clee had imposter syndrome and was questioning her work

After a year of Pulse sessions, she found ease in being who she is and her work, relationships, and health FLOWED!

Khrissie Farrands

As a Brand Designer Khrissie
was overwhelmed building
her business

She now ENJOY’s the process of building her business AND enjoys life! It no longer feels like a huge grind…

Natalie Krause

Having multiple jobs, being a mamma and wife = constantly overwhelmed

To landing a dream job position, being more busy than before yet being overwhelm free!

Michele Silveira

Even after long years of therapy she was frustrated and didn’t believe she could be happy AND make money

She’s now working less and earning more – in her own words “the formula for success”

If this is all making sense to you, then here’s my invitation…


Pulse Modality helps you establish a mind-body connection that gets you to the centre of your life – not work at the centre of your life – YOU!

We will use Reichian breathing, conscious dance tools and silence, within a powerful group container, to get you out of your mind and connected to your innate wisdom, clarity and vitality

You and your body have the answers –
You need a skilful guide to learn your way there

Women meditating

How Pulse Together works

Like-minded group of women + Right mind-body tools =
Us Pulsing Together

Reichian Breathwork

Meeting feelings & sensations with softness & kindness. Finding a state of ease

Silence & Meditation

The art of allowing yourself to fully be. Dropping out of the mind, fear and control. Your ground of being

Conscious Dance

Learn how to move with and through your stuck patterns. Ground into your innate rhythm and flow

What you Get

Video and Audio Library 
Packed with personalised guided meditation, guided breathwork, and unique Open Floor movement resources to support you in exploring your body and feelings

16 weeks in a high-touch container

  • 12 real life group session (no FB groups), room for integrating and slowing down, group support via Telegram between sessions
  • 4 guest speaker sessions
  • 1 x 1:1 sessions with me during or up to 1 month after the end of the programme – at your choice

Monthly bonus embodiment group sessions 
Ready to drop in deeply af? These monthly sessions are all about being in the body and minimal talking, these sessions will take you to your personal heaven on earth !!

Awesome group of open-minded women holding you accountable

5 women max → let’s keep this personal and focused!

If you would like to know what Pulse lovers have to say..

Natalie Krause

Panic attack and stress filled life…

To getting in touch with herself, meeting her own internal challenges, integrating self care habits, and living panic attack-free!

Bruna Curcio

Decision making in ANY area of life is now super easy!!

Pulse taught Bruna how to quiet her mind, feel her body, and no longer get lost in her busy mind

Natalie Krause

Huge fights and explosions with her husband…

Became constructive conversations when Natty learnt how to connect with her feelings, not allow them to build and establish boundaries

Khrissie Farrands

 Her business was affected by her personal life: “Running away never let’s you heal”

She got out of personal highs and lows and found her innate intelligence, and has the tools to no longer runs away from her feelings

Marcia Aguiluz

As a mom and business woman Marcia always felt a lack of time, angry and stressed

She learnt how to feel her emotions and body, stopped lashing out at her children and became more at peace

Rachel Winthrop

Even after a decade of therapy Rachel still struggled to
get out of her head and
her overwhelm

Through Pulse she learnt how to drop into her feelings and show up more fully for her life around her

Pulse: your pathway to a thriving life and business connected to your innate intelligence

IF this page makes sense to you, and you are ready to embark on this journey, or
just have questions about it:
then let’s have a conversation!

Click the button to book a chat  

Love, Pavi

If this page doesn’t hit the sweet spot for you, but you know of an entrepreneur ready-for-deep-transformation, please pass it onto her!
I am keen on weaving us all together so we may pulse together & 
up level 
If you prefer to do you inner work solo, then have a look at Pulse One 
Or if you know of a coach, whose clients could use support with their mindset, overwhelm, and stress, please share this page with said coach