Overwhelm has become this normal thing we all experience on an ongoing basis, yet is not natural or healthy

A PODCAST episode hosted by Nicole Jardim

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What’s covered in this podcast episode…


The interconnection between our stress & overwhelm and our major glands in the endocrine system and our hormones. As nicole said in her book “when one hormone veer off course, the others follow suit and disharmony ensues”


Unless women learn how to meet their thoughts and feelings, know exactly what to do with them, establish boundaries, create self-connection time and create their version of work-life balance - chances are those hormones will keep being affected and we won’t find balance in our body. Which then affects mental health one more time, and on goes the looping mechanism


The importance of taking care of the physical body, and learning how to get out of patterns that keep us in a state of overwhelm


How to meet our thoughts and feelings. Once we actually learn how to navigate our inner world, brain space clears up, and decision making and action taking becomes super swift! Otherwise we’re stuck in restlessness, self doubt and overthinking running the show until we tumble into overwhelm, stress and burnout

Hi, I’m Pavitra – Founder of Pulse

I’ve spent the last 13 years diving into 1000s of hours of therapies, silent retreats, and conscious dance workshops between Scotland, Brazil, the US and India. Plus 100s of hours over the last 2.5 years helping entrepreneurial women just like you go from anxiety, stress and overwhelm to efficient and on top of their game with a balanced joy-filled life.

Before I got totally savvy on balancing my work life whilst earning a
living (cause hello I love what I do !!), I too used to feel overwhelmed
waking up feeling heavy, with a mental haze and pushing myself to make
work happen.
But then I learnt the power of dropping out of my thoughts and
anchoring myself in my body and I FINALLY found the balance between
working smarter – not harder.

It’s about finding our embodied way of living aligned with
our innate intelligence.

I know this stuff works

Which is why…

I’m inviting you to listen to this episode!