Pulse Together

The 16 week 1:1 high touch mentorship for the overwhelmed entrepreneur ready to be at ease and joyful whilst finding your version of efficiency

Does your overwhelm feel
like the mess below?!

Then you begin to loop into…

I really see you!

I also see how you have been stuck managing your overwhelm through deemed “unhealthy” and “healthy” coping mechanisms or approaches…

That moment when you drown into binge watching netflix, or absolutely need a glass of wine at the end of the day

Or days that you are super productive, then others when you just crash into “procrastination”

Or you have tried taking it to the next level and you have:

Adhered to an exercise routine and/or enjoyed many yoga asanas

Tried a Psychologist, life coaching, mindset work, +ve self-talk, NLP, EFT Tapping

Created me or self care time: yoga, retreats, journaling, ayahuasca/plant medicine, meditation, retreats

Productivity hacks, never ending to do lists that make you frustrated, bullet journal

Embodiment / conscious movement / breathwork

These are all incredible tools. They most likely have brought you relief, understanding, deeper awareness and self connection

Yet you feel like youre chasing those tools to feel good and have that momentary breath of fresh air – you’re still overwhelmed and it feels so draining!!

You doing it doesnt stop you from being stressed, it’s just a moment of relief right?

Welcome to…


An experiential, mind-body approach designed to help you listen to your body, establish a deep connection with yourself and live your life in harmony with your innate intelligence

It’s about getting you to the centre of your life – not work at the centre of your life – YOU!

Through Reichian breathing, Open Floor conscious movement, Self-Inquiry and meditation we will get you out of
your mind and connected to your innate wisdom and vitality

All you need is structured support that guides you to unplug from overwhelm, manage time, routines
and checklists in a way that work for you, and plug into your birthright: balance and joy 

    If you would like to know what Pulse lovers have to say..

    Daniela Ayad

    Learnt how to connect with what feels aligned in her body to create a nourishing business

    Daniela is a 19yo who just graduated high school and is building her virtual assistant business without needing to bend backwards and earn her income!

    Clee Stacey

    As a Life Coach, Clee had imposter syndrome and was questioning her work

    After a year of Pulse sessions, she found ease in being who she is and her work, relationships, and health FLOWED!

    Heather Poulson

    Heather tripled the amount she makes per hour and her work is easier and more joyful

    Registered Professional Forester who went from procrastination, dissatisfaction and low self-confidence at work to better time management, more efficiency and a nourishing new business

    Clee Stacey

    Even as a Life Coach she a tendency to get stuck in her mind

    After learning how to get out of
    her mind and release her stuck feelings/sensations, 
    Clee’s productivity sky rocketed!

    Tania Zaccharias

    Had long standing insomnia issues and learnt how to use breathing to relax her body and actually fall asleep!

    Tania owns a successful Egyptian pharmacy, and sought for a body based approach to reprogram challenging patterns, including
    having quality sleep

    Michele Silveira

    Even after long years of therapy she was frustrated and didn’t believe she could be happy AND make money

    She’s now working less and earning more – in her own words “the formula for success”

    I get it..
    you’re juggling life, work, and all these tools to feel good
     still overwhelmed

    It all feels so draining!

    Then let me tell you the biggest secret!!


    It’s not by:

    Everyone is talking about shifting your mindset, and beliefs.
    If this were the case, you would be overwhelm free and not reading this page


    or figuring out your childhood stuff


    of course these calm your body because it activates happy hormones,
    and your mind focuses on the breathing so it calms your mind


    These all help you feel better, but they don’t solve the overwhelm problem!

    It’s by:

    Unlocking, meeting and overcoming the core sensation that you’re unconsciously running away from


    Once you have nailed that, you will feel:

    Resourced to meet any and every life obstacle

    Empowered knowing YOUR unique way to access your power and clarity, truly listening to yourself and embodying your uniqueness

    FREE or close to zero from burnout, stress and overwhelm

    Enjoying a hustle-culture free life AND biz !


    NATURALLY ACCESS/unlock/finally have Productivity, efficiency, revenue, and lifestyle you desire


    Dear one, 

    I want you to feel free in your body & mind,

    drop out of your mental stories & get out of your rut

    I want you to trust your innate intelligence

      Portrait of Pavi

      Imagine how it would feel to shift into a deeper connection with yourself…

      Michele Silveira

      From workaholic-bending-over-backwards at work to being more efficient in less time

      Michele is an Advertising Professional who learnt how to trust in her own deeper wisdom and now makes decisions with ease whilst leading a balanced life

      Your days are filled with peace and ease, knowing that everything is good and is coming together even when you have a full day of work ahead 

      You’ve got your balance between your biz and play, and it’s a never ending playful dance

      Because that’s just it: you know that performing with focus, optimises time AND making space to relax boosts creativity and happiness. Which means you’re also working smarter not harder

      Your mind is sharp, so tasks are completed on time whilst having your own personal routine that works for you. Consequently you respond to your needs as they arise, instead of pushing them away and reaching burnout

      You are more available, open and present to those around you and most importantly: yourself

      So here’s how you’ll get there…

      Begin to Pulse your life

      Build self-connection time

      None of that self-care bs you see in the gram! All that exists is your unique way
      of building this into your routine. No need to wake up at 5am unless it rocks
      your boat! 

      Learn how to stay grounded in your body

      Our inability to stay present in our body has also dissociated you from your innate intelligence.. let’s get you rewired so you know exactly what to do when your mindset goes haywire

      Become masterful at boundaries and befriending saying “no”

      Boundaries blossom when you are in tune with your feelings and understand the need to put yourself first. Your different life areas will flow when you place yourself first and FEEL GOOD in yourself!

      And this is exactly what you’ll

      learn in Pulse One

      How Pulse works

      Your innate intelligence + Right mind-body tools =
      You Pulsing your Life

      Reichian Breathwork

      Meeting feelings & sensations with softness & kindness. Finding a state of ease

      Self Inquiry & Meditation

      Investigating beyond the mind. Your ground of being

      Conscious Dance

      Learn how to move with and through your stuck patterns. Ground into your innate rhythm and flow

      What you Get

      16 weeks in a high-touch container 
      12 x 1:1 personalised sessions, room for integrating and slowing down, support via Telegram between sessions, an awesome human to hold you accountable

      Video and Audio Library
      Packed with personalised guided meditation, guided breathwork, and unique Open Floor movement resources to support you in exploring your body and feelings

        Guest expert trainings 
        Access guest trainings on other embodiment practises, and body-related topics to widen your tools in finding inner balance

        Monthly bonus embodiment group sessions
        Ready to drop in deeply af? These monthly sessions are all about being in the body and minimal talking, these sessions will take you to your personal heaven on earth!!

        In case you haven’t met me or don’t know me well enough..

        Here’s a bit about my story and how Pulse began!

        Hi!, I’m Pavitra

        Founder of Pulse, Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance São Paulo. BA (Anthropology) University of British Columbia

        It was back in mid-2018, when I began questioning myself: why do I not feel at peace yet?!

        My journey began in 2006, so over the course of 12 years I had done:
        – 7 years of weekly psychotherapy with a Reichian psychologist
        – 7 years of weekly breathwork and conscious movement practice schedule as Open Floor and 5Rhythms®
        – 7 years of solid yoga practice
        – 12 years of Ayahuasca
        – 30+ meditation retreats in India, US and Brazil
        – 4 years living in an global community in Scotland
        – 12 years of daily meditation practice

        By that point I had successfully healed myself from an eating disorder, depression and panic attacks.

        But somehow, I couldn’t crack the overwhelm code.

        Some days I’d be super clear in my mind, other days I’d feel like a headless chicken stranded in a boat in the middle of nowhere.

        I had tried it all – from the most conventional and socially acceptable to the least. I dove in head first to understand first hand what works and what doesn’t. 

        Until I began asking deeper questions, and with further support I found the golden key to overcoming overwhelm.

        This golden key I now call Pulse.

        Pulse is the outcome of these 14 years of deep personal exploration. It is an integration of all I have learned.

        For now I am in Holland, where I’m birthing a meditation community in Amsterdam and serving my Pulse 1:1 clients from around the world. My personal journey continues, as I deepen into an advaita non-dual path with my current teacher to continually enrich what I have to offer you.


        Hear the Pulse Love from the Community

        Michele Silveira

        Even after long years of therapy, she had a long standing issue with anxiety

        Michele has a fast paced life, that felt anguishing and filled with anxiety crisis. Today she maintains her fast paced life almost anxiety free!

        Rachel Winthrop

        Even after a decade of therapy Rachel still struggled to
        get out of her head and
        her overwhelm

        Through Pulse she learnt how to drop into her feelings and show up more fully for her life around her

        Alexa Worswick

        From shaking things off and pushing emotions away to feeling “at home in the body” without needing to force things

        Heather Poulson

        How Heather freed herself from negative thinking by being in her body

        Feeling depressed and believing she wasn’t good enough to focus with ease and being efficient at work

        Bruna Curcio

        A professional photographer, mother & wife unable to create breathing space and self-care time to…

         Creating a daily routine that juggles work responsibilities, caring for her daughter, being with her husband, whilst creating time for herself WITHOUT feeling guilty

        Sara Burzacchini

        Needed a facilitator with a long standing personal work
        to trust in

        Sara is a gym trainer who needed someone she could empathise with, to really open up to be guided to meet herself fully

        Daniela Ayad

        Daniela was just 19 when she started Pulse to help her relate differently to anxiety

        Now her anxiety has decreased and she’s no longer swept up in thoughts!

        Clee Stacy

        Ditched perfectionism, found relief, and transformed her life when she learnt how to be in relationship with herself

        Pulse: your pathway to a thriving life and business connected to your innate intelligence

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        ready to Pulse Your Life

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        Pavi x 


         If 1:1 work is not quite your thing, I invite you to have
        a look at our group mentorship, Pulse Together 

        If you are a coach who feels fully aligned and is past overwhelm stage, yet has overwhelmed clients trapped in an outdated mindset… and you know they could excel in business and in life if they could get their mental world together.. then you might be interested in collaborating, read more here