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Developing a Success Mindset – The Secret to Ensuring your Clients Do!!

A customised collaboration for your
business coaching toolkit:
the missing piece in becoming the most effective coach

 As an experienced coach,
know the transformational magic that our services have to offer 

We already experienced moving from our own pain into a thriving life:

Developing a success mindset, overcoming overwhelm and ditching burnout was key! Our own journey proved to us there is another way 🙌🏽 which includes money and freedom, and all the things we can do with that

Naturally you’re coaching your clients in business and marketing,
and let’s be honest – a huge chunk of mindset as well,
they can experience the same freedom as you

Yet you notice your clients are… 

Showing up feeling scattered – unable to focus, their mindset is all over the place. Their massively overwhelmed, and then presenting

A facade: as if they have it under control, yet you can’t go anywhere deep with them;


Crumbling: They start to question their capability to move forward and do meaningful purposeful work as they worry and obsess about doing things perfectly, spiral into shame when they don’t, and negatively judge themselves

They are losing sight of the macro, of the direction they are headed – 
it’s like they can no longer see the greater picture
Working “in the business, not on the business”

This is usually the case for your clients who are just getting started..
Developing a success mindset is lacking for them!

Or you might even have clients who are established business owners, know all the mindfulness & mindset tools, trained in yoga or NLP – yet don’t practice those tools, or DO practice them but still experience mindset blocks and drown in overwhelm, overthinking lost in “what if” questions..

However, their scattered blocked mindset, overwhelm and inability to thrive in their business then impacts you as a coach and business owner!

You Start… 


Questioning your ability as a coach and taking things personally: “is my programme even good enough?”


Wondering “how do I sell an outcome/end results so potential clients truly get the transformation I offer?” When I have clients not getting good results due to their own frazzled mind, mindset blocks and overwhelm?


Feeling overburdened and stretched to work with someone who has entrenched mindset blocks and feels overwhelmed because you need to support them at an emotional/mental level as opposed to doing what you do best: coaching marketing and business!


Pushing sessions back, so they can keep up with the work, which might become less sessions ultimately impacting your revenue

Well 👋🏼 there! Welcome to Pulse!!

You need an extra member in your team:

A coach that will help your clients become CEO’s – Connected Embodied Ownership in life and biz!

The broader coaching market has evolved to understand the importance to work within (mindset, therapy, etc.) and externally (systems, marketing, copy, etc.) when it comes to thriving in business. So most life, business and marketing coaches also offer mindset work behind their mindset

However, shifting out of overwhelm and hustle culture requires more than mindset work

Imagine mindset work as weeding the garden

Pulse will teach your clients how to dive deeper and pull the weeds out
by the roots!
Pulse teaches your clients how to work with the blocks behind their mindset,
the blocks that drive a positive or negative mindset

Pulse doesn’t just
“do a little bit of what you do with mindset,
or a bit better”

 Pulse is THE next step after mindset work –
it’s a whole system shift! #RIPGirlBoss


I intimately understand the mindset, and frazzled minds, that yourself as a business or marketing coach can’t move past in clients because you are limited by traditional mindset hacks (and these traditional hacks, really are quite limiting!)

Pulse PROFOUNDLY shifts mindset by reaching the core seed of what actually drives it

I want to help your clients THRIVE AS HUMANS so YOU can teach them how to THRIVE IN BUSINESS!

If you’d like your clients to show up to your coaching calls:

With self belief and confidence in their capabilities

With clarity in what they want, ready to do what it takes to make it happen

Grounded, focused, anchored and centered

Knowing how to think out of the box, free from mindset blocks, efficiently navigating overwhelm, work and life responsibilities

So that you can:

Offer your clients a sustainable way of running their business

Make a meaningful impact in the world, knowing that the work you do ads value to the lives of others..

Help them achieve their version of success sooner,

And honestly just watch them making more d*amn $$$ with ease!!

Support your clients to become CEOs – connected embodied ownership in life and business

Witness them finally and truly living out their best aligned lives!!

Alright you can see where
I’m taking this, right?

Let’s Join Forces 🔥

  You stay in your zone of genius:
teaching business,

 I stay in mine: helping your clients to overcome their overwhelm and THRIVE

Feeling that level of contentment and satisfaction
that your clients are doing purposeful work, with inner fulfilment and joy 

Feeling at peace when you wake up in the morning, because you know it’s not your responsibility to be at their beck and call, as they can support themselves

Feeling what we all crave for: lightness and joy
because you
know they are simply doing well, happy and successful

Here is a powerful example of how your relationship with your clients can prosper!

Kylie Butler

A Business Coach and Conscious Leader – “mindset tools aren’t enough for the individual
to be productive and connected”

It can be frustrating to work with stressed clients and team, busy in their heads, unable to meet objectives. Kylie can now better work with them to successfully achieve their objectives!

Here’s a little about what Pulse entails

Pulse is an experiential multi-modality mind-body process teaching your clients how to move past deeply entrenched mindset blocks, ditch overwhelm & burnout, and live aligned with their innate intelligence.

This is THE secret for developing a success mindset

Embodiment AND diving beyond mindset is KEY:
Sessions include Reichian breathwork & Open Floor conscious dance tools

They will learn how to meet and move beyond what’s actually driving their mindset blocks, procrastination, fuelling their overwhelm and inability to
step up their game

Becoming masterful at boundaries,
truly prioritising mental health, 
AND being more productive

Learning how to ditch overthinking &
stagnant mindset blocks
that cloud their mind

This is a calling for real upleveling!

One that traditional mindset hacks barely scrape the surface 


How Pulse Works

Your client’s innate intelligence + Right mind-body tools =
Your client’s life & biz THRIVING!

Reichian Breathwork

Meeting feelings & sensations with softness & kindness.
Finding a state of ease

Silence & Meditation

The art of allowing yourself to fully be.
Dropping out of the mind, fear and control. Your ground of being

Conscious Dance

Learn how to move with and through your stuck patterns.
Ground into your innate rhythm and flow

 The Pulse programme includes

Video & Audio Library

Packed with personalised guided meditation, guided breath work, and unique Open Floor movement resources to support them in exploring their body and feelings

Guest expert trainings

Access guest trainings on other embodiment practises, and body-related topics to widen their tools in finding inner balance

Monthly bonus embodiment group sessions

Are they ready to go that extra mile? These monthly sessions are all about being in the body and minimal talking. These sessions will help them feel deeply at peace and rested

Group sessions and/or 1:1 support

Depending on what works better within your coaching offering

Pulse is here to take the extra load off your back

How pulse works with you = 
it’s a customised collaboration

Because as a business & marketing coach your
approach is unique… 

And because I’m masterful at being flexible to adapt Pulse to the needs of the context we’re in…

I invite you to book a call

and engage in a down to earth conversation with me of how Pulse can best support your clients within your already existing programs

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    In case you haven’t met me or don’t know me well enough..

    Here’s a bit about my story and how
    Pulse began!

    Hi!, I’m Pavitra
    Founder of Pulse | BA (Anthropology) University of British Columbia
    Pulse has been successfully running for over 2 years, ushering entrepreneurs beyond their blocks, into a new stress and overwhelm-free era. Now that Pulse has been fully implemented and tested, it allows me space to join forces with other professionals so we can support a new generation of powerhouses to create their slice of goodness in the world.

    Before creating Pulse, I was a Sociocracy consultant offering in-person and online workshops and consulting to schools, companies and groups. In parallel I invested thousands of hours and $$$ on studying with a Reichian Psychologist, daily meditation, meditation retreats, yoga and conscious movement (Open Floor and 5 Rhythms mostly) 1:1’s, group classes and workshops. All of this led me to successfully heal from my depression and bulimia.

    Yet I found myself plateaued, being held back by deeper mindset blocks and overwhelm. Regardless of whether I had a lot going on in my life or not, these blocks and the feeling of overwhelm would always return, sooner or later.. That is, until I understood that they are caused by my inability to truly meet my thoughts and feelings, and learn how to co-exist with them… Only then was I fully able to move beyond my mindset blocks and overwhelm, and Pulse was born. 

    Here are some amazing testimonials
    of the value of my work

    Ria Zervos

    Learnt how to breathe through her blocks so her work life kept flowing

    Ria is a Fitness Business Coach who is now consistently
    signing high ticket clients!

    Kylie Butler

    A Business Coach with talented & passionate yet
    overwhelmed clients

    Their productivity was stagnant due to overwhelm, and through Pulse they became better equipped to actually learn and implement business from Kylie!

    Clee Stacey

    As a Life Coach she found ease in her business

    Clee was stuck in her business due to outdated beliefs. She is now more efficient and makes decisions more easily. Even her clients are experiencing her shift!

    Who knew ditching burnout and overwork – would be the new sexy!

    I look forward to hearing from you and birthing entrepreneurs 2.0 together,
    with warmth,


    If you are still personally experiencing overwhelm, stress and a never-ending pressure to be successful, even after having done all the mindset work and therapy available… then I invite you to look at and apply for Pulse One. Most of my clients are those who have not found real ease and peace after undergoing life coaching, NLP,  psychologists and psychiatrists – and found their transformation in Pulse.
    Or if you are a conscious leader running a small team, I suggest diving deeper
    into this page.