If you’d like to know what Pulse lovers like to say…

Michele Silveira

Even after long years of therapy she was frustrated and didn’t believe she could be happy AND make money

She’s now working less and earning – in her own words “the formula for success”

Clee Stacey

Even as a Life Coach she a tendency to get stuck in her mind

After learning how to get out of her mind and release her stuck feelings/sensations, Clee’s productivity
sky rocketed!

Ria Zervos

Learnt how to breathe through her blocks so her work life kept flowing

Ria is a Fitness Business Coach who is now consistently signing high ticket clients!

Heather Poulson

Heather tripled the amount she makes per hour and it’s easier and more joyful!

A Registered Professional Forester who went from procrastination, dissatisfaction and low self-confidence at work to better time management, more efficiency, and a flourishing new business.

Bruna Curcio

Learnt how to leave her minds noise to make work and life decisions with greater ease and clarity

Bruna is a professional photographer, wife and mother to a 2yo who was able to easily make decisions that felt good and benefited her work and her family.

Rachel Winthrop

Even after a decade of therapy Rachel still struggled to get out of her head and her overwhelm

Through Pulse she learnt how to drop into her feelings and show up more fully for her life around her.

Daniela Ayad

Learnt how to connect with what feels aligned in her body to create a nourishing business

Daniela is a 19yo who just graduated high school and is building her virtual assistant business without needing to bend backwards and earn her income!

Clee Stacey

As a Life Coach she found ease in her business

Clee was stuck in her business trying to fit into how her biz “should” look like. Even her clients are experiencing her shift!


Tania Zaccharias

Had long standing insomnia issues and learnt how to use breathing to relax her body and actually fall asleep!

Tania owns a successful Egyptian pharmacy, and sought for a body based approach to reprogram challenging patterns, including having quality sleep

Sara Burzacchini

Needed a facilitator with a long standing personal work to trust in

Sara is a gym trainer who needed someone she could empathise with, to really open up to be guided to meet herself fully

Alexa Worsich

From shaking things off and pushing emotions away to feeling “at home in the body” without needing to force things.

Michele Silveira

From workaholic-bending-over-backwards at work to being more efficient in less time

Michele is an Advertising Professional who learnt how to trust in her own deeper wisdom and now makes decisions with ease whilst leading a balanced life

Michele Silveira

Even after years of therapy, she had a long standing issue with anxiety.

Michele has a fast-paced life, that felt anguishing and filled with anxiety crises. Today she maintains her fast paced life almost anxiety free!

Tania Zaccarias

“A new body-based repertoir to understand my challenges”

Tania was able to establish new nervous system connections which rippled out into different life areas 

Bruna Curcio

Unable to create breathing space and self-care time to creating a daily routine that juggles work responsibilities, caring for her daughter, being with her husband, whilst creating time for herself WITHOUT feeling guilty.

Clee Stacey

As a Life Coach, Clee had imposter syndrome and was questioning her work.

After a year of Pulse sessions, she found ease in being who she is and her work, relationships, and health FLOWED!

Sara Burzacchini

How breathing supported Sara in deepening her relationship with herself

Sara was able to connect to her innate intelligence to make changes in her day to day life in a clearer and confident way

Daniela Ayad

Daniela was just 19 when she started Pulse to help her relate differently to anxiety

Now her anxiety has decreased and she’s no longer swept up in thoughts!

Heather Poulson

How Heather freed herself from negative thinking by being in her body

Feeling depressed and believing she wasn’t good enough to focus with ease and being efficient at work

Rachel Winthrop

Even after a decade on the self-development path and several meditation retreats, Pulse’s meditation opened up new possibilities for Rachel

Clee Stacy

Ditched perfectionism, found relief, and transformed her life when she learnt how to be in relationship with herself

Kylie Butler

From busy overwhelmed Team Leader, Business Coach, & personal life to…

No more overwhelm! Only exciting work,
opportunities and collaborations

Khrissie Farrands

As a Brand Designer Khrissie
was overwhelmed building
her business

She now ENJOY’s the process of building her business AND enjoys life! It no longer feels like a huge grind…

Marcia Aguiluz

Always feeling busy and tired, “I always have to keep moving” to…

Ditching overwhelm, & understanding that her well being and placing boundaries comes first!

Natalie Krause

Having multiple jobs, being a mamma and wife = constantly overwhelmed

To landing a dream job position, being more busy than before yet being overwhelm free!

After watching these kind and transformational reflections from
those who have undergone the Pulse magic… 

Do you wish to join the Pulse Tribe?

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An entrepreneur who is swamped by stress and overwhelm, ready for real change in how you relate to your business and live your life, then please read this page. You will find an introduction to Pulse and make a choice on whether you prefer to work with me One to One or in a Group Setting.


A business or marketing coach, with extraordinary clients ready to build or scale their business. Yet find yourself barely even teaching business and marketing, because you’re having to hand hold them through their mindset work and overwhelm. Or if you notice them struggling to show up fully to calls and produce high quality work.. And you’re starting to feel tired because you’re not an expert at helping them internally, and the life coach you might have hired to support them is simply not cutting it.. Then Pulse for Clients is your magic key. Together your clients will have the access to the best tools to THRIVE. Which means you get to focus on what your zone of expertise!


A conscious leader and business owner, running a small team of 3-10 people.. And you find your team to be increasingly inefficient, lacking the skills to step up into their roles as they are consumed by daily tasks.. Then I invite you to read Pulse for Teams. Once your team has the right skills and tools to navigate their stress and overwhelm, you will find yourself with more free time to relax and focus on what you do best: envision, lead and create.